Recent Why SERVPRO Before & After Photos

Thermal Catches all

Thermal imaging catches all the temperature changes. Before we have a cold moist wall where the vent was leaking. After the Demo we where able to find the leak ... READ MORE

This is why SERVPRO is #1

This is a common example of how a leak can cause water damage and the damage will start to mold. SERVPRO goes where no man should ever go. Under your house ther... READ MORE


This homeowner in Los Angeles, CA experienced water flooding from the kitchen supply line, which damaged the entire kitchen flooring and cabinets. After drying ... READ MORE

Private Home-Reconstruction

In a house in Bell Canyon, CA, a homeowner experienced a fire. But after the sprinklers were activated they were left the double damage from fire and water. Whe... READ MORE

Drying Science

This flooded hallway in Beverly Hills, CA required delicate maneuvering of our equipment to dry the entire area. We used a special tool that distributed the air... READ MORE

Hollywood Studios

In quite an odd and unlikely scenario outside the office for a well-known Hollywood studio, a car hit a street fire hydrant, and the water sprayed onto the roof... READ MORE