Recent General Before & After Photos


This homeowner in Los Angeles, CA experienced water flooding from the kitchen supply line, which damaged the entire kitchen flooring and cabinets. We installed ... READ MORE

Private Home-Reconstruction

In a house in Bell Canyon, CA, a homeowner experienced a fire. But after the sprinklers were activated they were left the double damage from fire and water. We ... READ MORE

Drying Science

This homeowner in Beverly Hills, CA experienced water flooding after the supply line under her bar detached. Luckily, they called us immediately and we came wit... READ MORE

High Rise Condo-Saved from Catastrophe

When the washing machine water supply line upstairs ruptured, the homeowner below literally witnessed it "rain indoors." The property management company called ... READ MORE

New Exterior

This house in Alhambra, CA experienced a mudslide. After a car hit a fire hydrant on the street, water drenched the house and the hill in the back of the house,... READ MORE

Drying Science

This flooded hallway in Beverly Hills, CA required delicate maneuvering of our equipment to dry the entire area. We used a special tool that distributed the air... READ MORE

Hollywood Studios

Outside the office for a well-known Hollywood studio, a car hit a street fire hydrant, and the water sprayed onto the roof of the studio buildings. The pressure... READ MORE

Major Water Loss in Hollywood, CA

In Hollywood, CA a community center experienced a fire alarm and the sprinklers were set off. The water traveled in between the floors and reached the 1st floor... READ MORE